Helideck Inspection & Certification

Friction Tests are mandatory for offshore helicopter  landing areas in accordance with the UK CAP 437 and the UAE CAAP 71 to ensure that helideck surfaces are skid resistant to both helicopters and personnel.

We are approved by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) to perform Friction Tests and accordingly officially certify helidecks in the UAE.

Our Friction Tests are carried out using the Findley Irvine Helideck Mirco Grip Tester which is compliant with both the CAP 437 and CAAP 71.

Our inspectors are also fully trained by the Findley Irvine as per the GCAA requirements.

We present the Friction Test results on the entire helideck in a color-coded representation as per the criteria defined in both CAAP 71 and CAP 437. This allows for friction deficient areas to be easily identified and for targeted maintenance activities to be carried out only at problematic areas for the helideck to be compliant in a quick and cost effective manner.